Trout on Squidgies - Part 2

By Steve 'Starlo' Starling

What Squidgies should you choose for targeting trout (and redfin perch)? As Starlo explains, this isn’t necessarily a cut-and-dried question with a simple, one-size-fits-all answer. That said, there are definitely some options that are better than others. Here they are:

So, what are the best Squidgies for catching trout in Australian waters? To be totally honest, we really hate trying to answer this sort of question… about any species! If we reply that “an 80mm Bloodworm Wriggler is the best Squidgy for bream” it implies that everything else is second best, which it isn’t! There are many, many models, sizes and colours of Squidgy that will catch a specific species of fish, including trout. It’s far more important to match your choice to the place you’re fishing, the depth and current speed at the time, what you think (or know) the fish are eating, your previous experiences and so on. Even then, there are at least half a dozen possible combinations and variations that will work a treat in any given situation. Having said all of that, we do know that certain Squidgies have worked better over time than others when it comes to consistently luring trout… so here goes:

Historically, the very best and most effective Squidgies for trout have proven to be the Squidgy Fish and Pro Fish in the 50, 65 and 70mm sizes and natural colours such as Rainbow Trout, Black Gold, Gary Glitter, Green Grunter or Silver Fox. Lots of trout are also caught on 65, 80 and even 100mm Squidgy Wrigglers and Pro Wrigglers in Bloodworm, Wasabi, Rainbow Trout, Gary Glitter and Cracked Pepper colours. Other tails that have their days on trout include Whip Baits, Critters, Bugs and the Lobby, all in similar sizes and colours to those just described for the Fish and Wrigglers. Our newer Pro Prawns are also racking up some impressive results on trout, and the even newer Bio Tough Squidgies are absolutely deadly on these fish! Rig all of these tails on 2 to 5 gram jig heads fitted with #6 to #2 size hooks.

Basically, exactly the same Squidgies we’ve just recommend here for trout also work very well on redfin, but lots of people also tell us that any Squidgy with some red in it is especially effective. The smallest (65mm) Squidgy Slick Rig in the Green Grunter colour can be an absolute killer at times, perhaps because it looks a lot like a baby redfin! (This species is highly cannibalistic.) If you think the hook and weight insert in the little Slick Rig is a little too large to suit the redfin you’re targeting, slide it out and replace it by slipping a suitable jig head into the Slick Rig’s body instead.

Tight Lines!