Soft plastics like Squidgies are well documented bream catchers right around the country, with many attributes that make them the perfect hard bite lure option capable of being fished in all manner of likely scenarios for these fish. Their lifelike movements and feel, combined with their ability to consistently fool the blue-lipped brute sized fish, is what really wins the hearts of bream fishos!

Adding further to the reputation and effectiveness of these lures on bream has been the introduction of the Squidgy Bio Tough range, which have burst onto the scene with exciting results on this Aussie estuary icon. With some cool bream-aimed designs in the Bio Tough range, combined with Dura Stretch toughness and being a Synthetic Bioplastic, there's a lot of reasons to be twitching around a 'Bio' at your fave bream haunt.


Let's firstly take a look at a few of the bream suited options in the Squidgy Bio Tough line-up and how to rig them. There's a bunch of tasty looking models that bream have responded to with open mouths to so far, with the Grub, Crawler (two designs), Double Tail GrubWriggler and Flick Bait a few capable of decking cracking bream. Many of these profiles closely match known food items and can be fished in various ways to entice bream no matter where or how you fish.

Bio Tough Grubs (65mm)Bio Tough Double Tail Grubs (65mm), and Bio Tough Crawlers (40 and 45mm) all come in small, finesse sizes, making them deadly presentations for fussy fish. Bream can be snobs when not entirely switched-on and smaller offerings like these can push their buttons, and when they're hungry they're pure murder!

Grub patterns are highly effective on bream, with their irresistible curl tail action suckering in these fish with amazing regularity. They can be rigged up on a heavier gauge Weapon Jighead, something like a 1g size 4, or a finer yet super sharp Squidgy Round Jighead, with a 1.5g size 4 or 6 as an example of a safe, shallow to medium depth, low current option. Of course this can be adjusted to suit your local conditions.

More 'rigid' profiles like the Crawlers that perfectly imitate a small yabby, crab, nipper or the like, and don't necessarily rely on excess movement to trick fish, but it's more their lifelike profile and the fact they present as these crustaceans should that will see them get crunched on sight by a foraging bream. These can be rigged on the Brenious NT Jigheads for a relatively snagless option, or they present well rigged on a Weapon or Round Jighead also.

Slightly larger profiles up to around the 100mm length, like Bio Tough Wriggler or Bio Tough Flick Baits, are known big bream catchers. Stepping up your profile size can really tempt the better fish which are looking for a substantial meal, and both these options have characteristics that will see them slammed.


Getting regular bream results on your Squidgy Bio Tough soft plastics is thankfully not brain surgery, with one of the keys to successful sessions being to have a little spread of lure and jighead options to cover the differing areas you'll be fishing. This said, many of these soft plastics are quite versatile and with a change of jighead and retrieve will be up a mixture of roles.

The Bio Tough Grub, Wriggler and Double Tail Grubs are great workhorse options for long periods of hopping and twitching, or drifting down the face of structure. Expect to be belted on the drop or when you pause these little beauties! A basic double twitch and pause retrieve works well with those plastics with a curl tail, and you can vary the length of the pauses and speed of retrieve to suit the bite, with the slower the better the usual rule of thumb.

Crawlers can be slowly hopped or twitched on the bottom to catch the eye of a bream, or they can be lightly weighted and drifted down alongside pontoons or other structure where a breambo could be hiding and waiting for their next meal often nailing it on the drop. 

There's a lot of scope to 'freestyle' with this caper also and experiment with unweighted soft plastics, inserted weights, weedless rigging, fishing them on the surface and host of other ways to get your Bio Tough plastics eaten by a breambo. This learning and experimenting is half the fun!

Bream bashing with 'Bios' wouldn't be complete without a healthy smear of S-Factor worked down the length of your lure, then it's a case of get twitching and hang on!