Soft Plastic Fishing Tails

Squidgies Soft Plastic Tails

Squidgies soft plastic lures were designed specifically for Australian fish species. The unique tail designs have been catching Australian species for over 10 years and continue to set the bench mark for new tail designs. Squidgies offers two different series that have been proven to catch fish and catch fish consistently. 

Squidgies standard range comes in a number of styles suited for all number of Australia species. Every tail in the series is enhance with UV that make the lures glow when under the water, while the BIO salt scent will further tempts the fish to strike the baits. 

Squidgies Pro range tails are also UV enhanced but rather than a BIO salt scent, they come with a bio engineered scent that was developed and tested for Australian species. The S-factor scent is also UV enhanced to make each tail glow even more while the scent stimulates a strong strike response from predatory species. 

Squidgies Bio Tough was created through the teaming up with Shimano, to develop the next generation in soft baits “Bio Tough”. Combining “Dura Stretch” toughness technology with our new “Synthetic Bioplastic” we have been able to merge superior strength and durability with at least 50% Biodegradability. Shimano “Squidgies Bio Tough” integrates these new features with our existing UV treatment to further enhance lure presence and ensure your plastics now last longer.