Every Aussie fish eats worms. Earth worms, scrub worms, blood worms, squirt worms, sand worms, beach worms… fish love ’em all! And there’s never been a more life-like artificial worm made than the Bushy-designed Squidgy Pro Worm! 

It wiggles its tail on the drop, pulsates its body on the lift, waves its little legs whatever it’s doing, and still looks totally edible just lying still on the bottom! Add  a smear of S-Factor and something very good becomes something totally irresistible!

The Squidgy Pro Worm is a lure you should choose when nothing else is working… any other time, it just makes fishing too easy!

Size: #1 - 70mm
Grenade 70mm
Wasabi 70mm
Red Rum 70mm
Bloodworm - 70mm