Bio Tough Wriggler

Squidgies has now teamed up with Shimano to develope the next generation in Squidgies, the Bio-Tough Wriggler. Combining Dura Stretch toughness with our new 'Synthetic Bioplastic' we have been able to merge superior strength and durability with at least 50% Biodegradability. Shimano 'Squidgies Bio-Tough' intergrates these features with our exisiting UV treatment to further enhance lure pressence and ensure your plastic lasts longer. The Bio-Tough Wriggler works particularly well on the drop, with it's fluttering curl tail. The Wriggler can be hopped or spun at a variety of retrieves without compromising action, however when paused and left on the bottom the tail will still move in the slowest current, enticing even the wariest of fish.
  • generic_v1_m56577569831064417.png UV Enhanced
  • generic_v1_m56577569831064417.png 50% Biodegradable
  • generic_v1_m56577569831064417.png Dura Stretch Technology
  • rigged_v1_m56577569831001527.png Not Rigged
  • sizes_v1_m56577569831001528.png 100mm-120mm
  • tail_v1_m56577569831001529.png Wriggler Tail

Product Specs

Product Code SQBTW
Description Bio Tough Wriggler
Sizes 100 and 120mm
Number of Colours 6 Colours

Product Code Description Colour Size Tail
SQBTW100-PG Wriggler Pink Glitz 100mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW120-CP Wriggler Cracked Pepper 120mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW120-PS Wriggler Pumpkin Seed 120mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW120-WM Wriggler Watermelon 120mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW120-B Wriggler Bloodworm 120mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW120-PG Wriggler Pink Glitz 120mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW100-CP Wriggler Cracked Pepper 100mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW100-PS Wriggler Pumpkin Seed 100mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW100-WM Wriggler Watermelon 100mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW100-B Wriggler Bloodworm 100mm Wriggler Tail
SQBTW120-NB Wriggler Natural Bait 120mm Wriggler Tail