Bio Tough Fish

The New sophisticated Bio Tough Fish combines the latest in enviromental technologies with the ever popluar Squidgies Fish shape, with a modern upgrade of course. It combines the best of shad, T-tail and swim-bait features, but with a unique Squidgies twist that sees it pounding out a tail beat, rolling its body seductively and rippling those trademark belly flaps, the newSquidgies Bio Tough Fish is a genuine world-beater! Squidgies Bio Tough Fish combines Dura Stretch toughness with our new 'Synthetic Bioplastic' making it possible to merge superior strength and durability with at least 50% Biodegradability. Shimano 'Squidgies Bio-Tough' intergrates these features with our exisiting UV treatment to further enhance lure pressence and ensure your plastic lasts longer. Not only will you have the benefit of ustilising a proven fish attracting soft palstic design but will now be able to use it over and over again. Lasting through many fishing adventures.
  • generic_v1_m56577569831064417.png UV Enhanced
  • generic_v1_m56577569831064417.png 50% Biodegradable
  • generic_v1_m56577569831064417.png Dura Stretch Technology
  • rigged_v1_m56577569831001527.png Not Rigged
  • sizes_v1_m56577569831001528.png 80mm-100mm
  • tail_v1_m56577569831001529.png Paddle Tail

Product Specs

Product Code SQBTF
Description Bio Tough Fish
Sizes 70 and 100mm
Number of Colours 6 Colours

Product Code Description Colour Size Tail
SQBTF100-B Fish Bloodworm 100mm Paddle Tail
SQBTFB100-CP Fish Cracked Pepper 100mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF100-PG Fish Pink Glitz 100mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF100-PS Fish Pumpkin Seed 100mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF100-WM Fish Watermelon 100mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF100-NB Fish Natural Bait 100mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF70-B Fish Bloodworm 70mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF70-CP Fish Cracked Pepper 70mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF70-PG Fish Pink Glitz 70mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF70-PS Fish Pumpkin Seed 70mm Paddle Tail
SQBTF70-WM Fish Watermelon 70mm Paddle Tail