Pro Range Wriggler

To be honest, we still don't think we've made a better lure than the remarkable Squidgy Wriggler... except maybe the Squidgy Pro Wriggler! Hand-picked sizes and selected colours, more tails per pack for better value, and now with that amazing S-Factor feeding stimulant thrown in for good measure... Rig a Pro Wriggler on an appropriate jig head (trim the head flat first with scissors if you need or wish to) and pitch it into fish-holding territory, working it with a seductive lift-drop-lift action that keeps that soft tail undulating and makes those little belly flaps create their unique sonic signature in the water. However you rig it or work it, nothing spells "food" to a fish like a pulsating Pro Wriggler! If you can't catch a few fish on a Squidgies Pro Wriggler smeared with S-Factor feeding stimulant, perhaps it's time to consider taking up golf?
  • tail_v1_m56577569831001529.png S-Factor Included
  • sizes_v1_m56577569831001528.png 80,100,140 and 160mm
  • rigged_v1_m56577569831001527.png Not rigged
  • colour_v1_m56577569831001526.png 6 Colours

Product Specs

Product Code SQPRW
Description Pro Range Wriggler
Sizes 80, 100, 140 and 160mm
Number of Colours 8 Colours

Product Code Description Colour Size Tail
SQPRW80-B WRIGGLER Bloodworm 80mm Wriggle
SQPRW100-B WRIGGLER Bloodworm 100mm Wriggle
SQPRW160WL WRIGGLER White Lightning 160mm Wriggle
SQPRW100-W WRIGGLER Wasabi 100mm Wriggle
SQPRW140WL WRIGGLER White Lightning 140mm Wriggle