The tough, durable, easy-to-rig and easy-to-fish Squidgies Shad was an obvious choice for our Squidgies Pro treatment, and we narrowed the field down to the two most versatile Squidgies Shad sizes in just a couple of highly-effective new colours. The end result is a soft plastic lure with great appeal to big, aggressive predators wherever they live, especially when it's worked energetically while rigged on reasonably heavy jig heads. No wonder the Squidgies Pro Shad has become a firm favourite with so many Australian anglers in just a few short seasons... especially with that deadly S-Factor bite stimulant added!
  • tail_v1_m56577569831001529.png Paddle Tail
  • sizes_v1_m56577569831001528.png 75, 100 and 125mm
  • rigged_v1_m56577569831001527.png Not Rigged
  • colour_v1_m56577569831001526.png 5 Colours

Product Specs

Product Code SQPRS
Description Pro Range Shad
Sizes 75, 100 and 125mm
Number of Colours 5 Colours

Product Code Description Colour Size Tail
SQPRS100-WL SHAD White Lightning 100mm Paddle Tail
SQPRS125-LL Shad Lime Lightning 125mm PaddleTail
SQPRS100-TNT Shad TNT 100mm PaddleTail
SQPRS125-DB Shad Drop Bear 125mm PaddleTail
SQPRS125-SF Shad Silver Fox 125mm PaddleTail
SQPRS100-DB Shad Drop Bear 100mm PaddleTail
SQPRS100-BG Shad Black Gold 100mm PaddleTail
SQPRS100-SF Shad Silver Fox 100mm PaddleTail
SQPRS125-WL SHAD White Lightning 125mm Paddle Tail
SQPRS75-BG Shad Black Gold 70mm PaddleTail
SQPRS75-TNT Shad TNT 70mm PaddleTail
SQPRS75-DB Shad Drop Bear 70mm PaddleTail
SQPRS75-LL Shad Lime Lightning 70mm PaddleTail
SQPRS100-LL Shad Lime Lightning 100mm PaddleTail
SQPRS75-SF Shad Silver Fox 70mm PaddleTail
SQPRS125-TNT Shad TNT 125mm PaddleTail