Pro Range Flick Bait

The Squidgy Flick Bait is a sophisticated, soft stick bait with a proven track record for regularly catching really tricky customers, even in clear, hard-fished waters. To put together the Squidgy Pro Flick Bait range, we've taken just a couple of the best sizes of this brilliant baitfish-profile lure in a limited number of the deadliest colours, packaging them in greater numbers than the standard range, and with S-Factor bite stimulant included! Fish them un-weighted, on Finesse Resin Heads, Darter Finesse Heads, Fish Heads or Round Head Jigs, depending on the tail action and running depth you wish to achieve. These are incredibly versatile softies! Flick Baits definitely respond to a little clever rod manipulation. Work your Squidgies Pro Flick Baits with short, sharp, upward or sideways flicks of the rod tip, followed by semi-slack-line pauses and drops... and hold on tight! Bream, estuary perch, bass, trout, snapper, mulloway, flathead, barra, kingfish, tuna... You name it, they all come running for a well-worked Squidgy Pro Flick Bait!
  • sizes_v1_m56577569831001528.png S-Factor Included
  • rigged_v1_m56577569831001527.png Not Rigged
  • colour_v1_m56577569831001526.png 5 Colours

Product Specs

Product Code SQPRFB
Description Pro Range Flick Bait
Sizes 70, 85, 110 and 145mm
Number of Colours 5 Colours

Product Code Description Colour Size Tail
SQPRFB70-EM FLICKBAIT Evil Minnow 70mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB110-PP FLICKBAIT Pacific Pearl 110mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB145-YK FLICKBAIT Slimey 145mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB145-SM FLICKBAIT Slimey 145mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB110-SM FLICKBAIT Slimey 110mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB145-PP FLICKBAIT Pacific Pearl 145mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB70-PP FLICKBAIT Pacific Pearl 70mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB85-PP FLICKBAIT Pacific Pearl 85mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB85-EM FLICKBAIT Evil Minnow 85mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB110-PLY FLICKBAIT Pilly 110mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB85-PLY FLICKBAIT Pilly 85mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB70-PLY FLICKBAIT Pilly 70mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB110-EM FLICKBAIT Evil Minnow 110mm Flickbait Tail
SQPRFB145-PLY FLICKBAIT Pilly 145mm Flickbait Tail