Pro Range Fish

Just as with the Pro Wriggler, we've carefully picked the very best and most popular sizes and colours of the deadly Squidgies Fish, and added a couple of extra special ones, to come up with the limited-edition Squidgies Pro Fish range, again with just the right amount of Squidgy S-Factor feeding stimulant included in each pack, ready to be smeared into those unique belly flaps in order to make a good thing even better! Thousands of Aussie anglers have switched to Squidgies Pro Fish in the last few seasons as their favourite "go-to" soft plastic for everything that swims. Perhaps it's time you joined them?
  • tail_v1_m56577569831001529.png Paddle Tail
  • sizes_v1_m56577569831001528.png 65 and 70mm
  • rigged_v1_m56577569831001527.png Not Rigged
  • colour_v1_m56577569831001526.png 3 Colours

Product Specs

Product Code SQPRF
Description Pro Range Fish
Sizes 65 and 70mm
Number of Colours 3 Colours

Product Code Description Colour Size Tail
SQPRF65-FP FISH Flash Prawn 65mm Paddle Tail
SQPRF70-FP FISH Flash Prawn 70mm Paddle Tail
SQPRF65-GH FISH Grass Hopper 65mm Paddle Tail
SQPRF70-GH FISH Grass Hopper 70mm Paddle Tail
SQPRF65-POD FISH Poddy 65mm Paddle Tail
SQPRF70-POD FISH Poddy 70mm Paddle Tail