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Squidgies Pro Range

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Quick View paddle_tail_prawn_v1_m56577569831026590.png Pro Range Prawn Paddle Tail

Our more aggressive and strongly-actioned paddle-tailed Prawn is the “go-to” choice when targeting more aggressive predators, or fishing in discoloured waters and low light conditions.

Quick View wriggle_tail_prawn_v1_m56577569831026591.png Pro Range Prawn Wriggler Tail

Squidgies curly-tailed wriggler-style Prawn is the lure of choice when a subtle, ultra-finesse approach is called for.

Quick View whip_bait_pro_v1_m56577569831026594.png Pro Range Whip Bait

The amazing Squidgies Pro Whip Bait has a size and colour to suit everything that swims, from trout to tuna, the Whip Bait is destined to quickly become Australia's Number One soft plastic lure!

Quick View fish_pro_v1_m56577569831026586.png Pro Range Fish

Just as with the Pro Wriggler, we've carefully picked the very best and most popular sizes and colours of deadly Squidgies Fish, and added a couple of extra special ones, to come up with the limited-edition Squidgies Pro Fish range

Quick View wriggler_pro_v1_m56577569831026595.png Pro Range Wriggler

Hand-picked sizes and selected colours, more tails per pack, and with that amazing S-Factor feeding stimulant thrown in for good measure... It's hard to improve on perfection

Quick View flick_bait_pro_v1_m56577569831026587.png Pro Range Flick Bait

To put together the Squidgies Pro Flick Bait range, we've taken just a couple of the best sizes of this brilliant baitfish-profile lure in a limited number of the deadliest colours, packaging them in greater numbers than the standard range, and with S-Factor bite stimulant included! These are incredibly versatile softies!

Quick View slickrig_light_pro_v1_m56577569831026593.png Pro Range Slickrig Light

A fantastic colour range, and 45% lighter than the original! Already the number one impoundment barra lure in the land, smart anglers are constantly finding new wonders to work with these fantastic swim baits... Smear and fill them with deadly S-Factor and go for it!

Quick View shad_pro_v1_m56577569831026592.png Pro Range Shad

The tough, durable, easy-to-rig and easy-to-fish Squidgy Shad was an obvious choice for our Squidgy Pro treatment, and we narrowed the field down to the two most versatile Squidgy Shad sizes in just a couple of highly-effective new colours. The end result is a soft plastic lure with great appeal to big, aggressive predators wherever they live, especially when it's worked energetically while rigged on reasonably heavy jig heads.

Quick View mongrel_pro_v1_m56577569831026589.png Pro Range Mongrel

The Squidgy Mongrel represents an evolutionary step beyond the Squidgy Slick Rig and Squidgy Fish, combining the best attributes of both great lures. The Mongrel is a highly sophisticated soft plastic swim bait that may be used with its standard hook-and-weight insert (or another jig head) fitted internally, or Texan-rigged on a wide-gaped worm hook.

Quick View critter_pro_v1_m56577569831026585.png Pro Range Critter

Cunning old marina bream, fussy brown trout, vegetarian blackfish and snooty whiting... they're all just grist to the mill for an S-Factor-spiced Squidgies Pro Critter. For goodness sake, just look at it! If it were any more life-like, it'd climb out of your tackle box, bite you and crawl away!

Quick View lobby_pro_v1_m56577569831026588.png Pro Range Lobby

With its weak, floppy legs and vulnerable, hermit-crab-out-of-its-shell body, the poor old Lobby looks so sick and helpless that fish line up to eat it, perhaps to put it out of its obvious misery? Paddle the Squidgy Pro Lobby un-weighted across the surface, or drop it to the bottom on a heavy jig head